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Is ChatGPT just another way to escape learning how to write?

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You’ve all seen the hubbub surrounding ChatGPT, the new Bing, and all the new and upcoming artificial writing tools coming to market.

I see colleagues in marketing and communications, writers, recruiters, and others suggesting ways to use these tools to help land more interviews, write press releases faster, quickly customize your cover letter, send more random messages, create content, and so on.

However, when I see these messages, suggestions, tips, and recommendations, a few questions keep coming to mind:

  • While I understand the impulse behind wanting to find an easy way to write, like plagiarism, does that make it right?

  • Is it possible that this is just encouraging people to take an easy route and avoid thinking about how to write something compelling?

We’re bred to find the easiest path to accomplish a goal, but does that mean we should take it? Isn’t there a reason educators check student papers against papers already written?

I’ve used ChatGPT – it’s a fun toy, for sure. However, I would hate to think that my fellow marketers and communicators, among many others, are thinking about relying on this AI to create content.

Like the lost art of writing cursive, there’s an art behind writing and creating communications requiring thought, consideration, and research. So let’s not let thoughtful writing become a lost art, too.

Then again, this is only my opinion.

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