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Hi there, I'm


Marketing, communications, and brand storyteller

For nearly twenty years, I have helped private and public organizations tell their stories through intelligent, creative, and consistent messaging across multiple media channels.

I have used my skills and experience to help a wide range of organizations and industries, ranging from emerging FinTech startups to Fortune 50 corporations and employee advocacy groups to education (higher and early). I am passionate about finding the unique story behind each brand to drive results.

Read below for more information about me and how I have helped small and large organizations grow, reach audiences, and create messages that resonate.

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About me

A passion...

I’m proud to say that I am passionate about telling stories, building brands, solving problems, and just getting things done. I’m passionate about promoting solid values and missions, driving goals, achieving results, and supporting those I work with. I’m also passionate about diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging and building engaged communities of impact.

Most of my career has been spent leading or participating in innovative and entrepreneurial communications and marketing roles. It’s this experience that allows me to understand and appreciate the pain points that come with a growing and successful organization.

Whether working with a creative agency in Oakland, leading communications and operations for a network of K-8 schools throughout Los Angeles, expanding and growing a team of real estate professionals in Seattle, or handling the marketing for a division of one of the world’s largest airlines, I can honestly say my experience spans the gamut of organization types and sizes.


My Experience

I have had the honor and pleasure of working with a wide variety of organizations.

My Specialties

I have had the opportunity to hone my skills in many areas over the years.


Brand and messaging
Visual design
Mission and values
Personality development
Market differentiation


Concept development
Creative design
Asset management
Distribution and Placement


Internal and external
Public and media relations
Executive and crisis
Newsletters and outreach
Social media


Digital and social strategies
Web design and management
Social and digital content
Search and social marketing
Email and prospect nurture


Event marketing
Production and management
Design and coordination
Staffing and oversight
Vendor and donor management


Script writing and editorial
Vendor management
Production oversight
Placement and promotion

What's Important

My Mission

Like all marketing and communications goals and strategies, my mission differs slightly based on the audience.

As a father, my mission is to be the best parent I can be to my daughter and to provide a home filled with love, learning, and joy. To be a parent who is not just “available” but engaged, a parent who teaches and demonstrates respect for others and is grateful for what we have and experience.

As a professional, my mission is to be the best communicator, marketer, coach, mentor, manager, and colleague possible to the best organizations in the world. I want to be a leader and team member who isn’t afraid to dig in, keeping one eye on the “now” and one eye on the future. I want to be an example of respect, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and an engaging coach who helps others attain their own goals.



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